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Dark Age Spots Sun Spots & Brown Spots on your Face. Dermatologist style solutions to help control and get rid of Skin Spots in Syracuse and Central New York (CNY)

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Age spots, also known as sun spots or liver spots, are flat brown-black spots that usually occur in sun-exposed areas on the body. They are completely unrelated to the liver or liver function. These spots are changes in the skin color associated with older skin. The increased pigmentation of age spots is brought on by aging, exposure to sun or to other forms of ultraviolet radiation.

Treating age spots is very successful and relatively easy. The skin care staff at SkinLaze uses the latest skin rejuvenation techniques as well as exfoliating treatments. After treatments, you will see a marked improvement in your skin.

At SkinLaze, we offer multiple, advanced products and services for age spots/ sun spots…… all tailored to your individual needs:

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