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    The Trusted Leader in Syracuse and Central New York

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The Trusted Leader in Laser Hair Removal in Syracuse, CNY & Albany, NY. Offering ExpressLaze Laser Hair Removal.

SkinLaze in Syracuse NY is The Trusted Leader in Laser Hair Removal
Get our “Top 10 Questions to Ask About Laser Hair Removal” pamphlet.

Why do Celebrities and Upstate New Yorkers Alike Trust SkinLaze for their Laser Hair Removal?

The SkinLaze Laser Spa team is proud to offer the exclusive ExpressLaze℠ Laser Hair Removal System in both Syracuse and Albany NY, which is backed by a 3-year guarantee and lifetime membership.

ExpressLaze℠ Laser Hair Removal is Gentle, Safe, Fast, Effective AND Guaranteed! If you’re looking for a medically-owned, cosmetic surgeon supervised, local laser center to provide laser hair removal of the face and body, SkinLaze is an excellent choice. To get started, schedule your Free Consultation or call our Syracuse office at (315) 670-4303 or our Albany office at (518) 313-7506.

The Top 10 Reasons why SkinLaze is The Trusted Leader throughout Upstate and Central New York

1. Medically Owned and Operated (most “laser spas” have NO medical supervision)
2. 3 Year Guarantee & Lifetime Membership
3. Payment plan options including 0% for 6 months
4. Price Match Guarantee
5. Exclusive ExpressLaze System
6. Leading Team of NY State Licensed Aestheticians
7. Multiple FDA Approved Lasers for all skin types
8. Same Day Treatments
9. Extended Hours including Evenings
10. Complimentary Free Consultations with Experienced Professionals (not salespeople)

True lasers are very powerful medical aesthetic devices and should always be used under the supervision of a cosmetic or plastic surgeon who is acutely trained and experienced in all skin types and various skin conditions.

SkinLaze Medical Director Dr Halliday While many local businesses advertise various “laserspa” services, consumers should be aware that most of these facilities are owned and operated by non-medical laymen and have absolutely no licensed medical staff or supervision. Other facilities may sometimes have a General Practitioner, Family Practice Doctor or other generalists who “dabbles” in aesthetics part-time, but has no formal Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery experience nor credentials.

Consumers should also be aware that corporate chains in the laser industry have come and gone in Syracuse and Central New York over the past several years and that there is no substitute to choosing a locally owned and operated facility with professional medical supervision and experienced licensed staff who can tend to your needs long after such chains have closed their doors.

It’s because of this fact that the SkinLaze team is comprised of owner, medical director and community philanthropist Doctor Doug Halliday and a team of highly trained and experienced licensed aestheticians.

If you’re considering laser hair removal as an alternative to temporary hair removal techniques such as shaving, waxing, bleaching, plucking, tweezing and electrolysis in Syracuse, NY, then you’ve landed on the right page.

Each year tens of thousands of Upstate New York men and women from the Syracuse and Albany, NY metro areas consider Laser Hair Removal.

In doing so, many people seeking laser treatments are not aware of some of the key safety and efficacy factors that they need to know about before seeking treatments. As with any buying decision in life, the more you know, the better decision that you can make. You can get t he “Top 10 Questions To Ask About Laser Hair Removal” about Laser Hair Removal by clicking here.

Laser Hair Removal in New York State

In addition to the Top 10 Guide, below are some additional key factors to know when contemplating Laser Hair Removal in New York State:

  • Anyone (including people without any training or any medical background) can operate a laser center in NY.
  • New York State does not require a doctor to own the laser center or supervise any laser treatments rendered by that center.
  • Therefore it is very important that you ask if the center has an experienced plastic or cosmetic surgeon who has a NY State Medical License on staff.
  • You should always ask about the number of years the office has been offering laser hair removal.
  • You should familiarize yourself with the quality of the hair removal system & equipment (lasers). There are over 100 different types of esthetic lasers in the marketplace, many of them are cheap knockoffs from China and many of them are not even true lasers, but rather use old technology called Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) which does not work well for hair removal.
  • Be sure to ask if the treatments are Guaranteed and if they offer a Lifetime Membership.


At SkinLaze Laser Skin Spa, the laser technicians work under the direction of renowned Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Doug Halliday. Our professionally trained team employ multiple FDA approved lasers of various wavelengths to safely and effectively provide guaranteed ExpressLaze℠ laser hair removal treatments for both facial hair removal and body hair removal.

Get Rid of That Annoying Unwanted Hair Today!

Call the laser hair removal specialists at SkinLaze in Syracuse, NY at (315) 670.4303 or Albany, NY at (518) 313.7506 to schedule a Free Consultation