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Milia White Bumps on Your Face

Many of our patients here at SkinLaze encounter common skin problems easy to correct with the help of our experienced staff of medical aestheticians.

Take Milia for example: Milia, or milium, a common condition found in people of all ages and ethnicities, are easy to identify. Consisting of keratin, these small, white, pearly bumps are found on the cheeks, eyes, forehead, and nose, while being covered by an outer layer of skin. How do we get them so easily, and how can we remove them?

milia, skin, skincare, skinlaze, syraucuse, ny, cnyThere are two types of milia: primary and secondary. According to HowStuffWorks, primary milia is caused when “the skin just can’t remove the dead skin cells . . . instead of being sloughed off, the cells get trapped and clog oil-producing pores.” Pouches near the surface of the skin will develop due to the keratinized cells and sweat, leading to primary milia. Primary milia is most commonly found in infants, but can commonly be found in adults. On the other hand, secondary milia is a result of trauma to the skin and appears as a result of the skin healing from such trauma. This secondary type of milia can form after instances such as: sun exposure, burns, blisters, allergic rashes, and contact dermatitis, to name a few.

Though it is not safe or recommend to extract milia on your own, SkinLaze’s licensed aestheticians can remove these small lesions without leaving a mark. Proper tools are needed to extract the keratin from under the tissue, and may be more stubborn if they have been in the area for a long period of time. Medical grade chemical peels, retinols, and microdermabrasion treatments can manually or chemically exfoliate the area, loosening the desmosomes (glue) between the cells. This encourages the milia to come out effortlessly in as little as one appointment.

At SkinLaze Laser Skin Spa, located in Fayetteville, NY, we customize each skincare and skin rejuvenation treatment to target each patient’s cosmetic goals, such as extracting milia. SkinLaze offers an array of skincare services to address many common skincare concerns, such as: ProvencePeel medical-grade chemical peels, Select Dermaplaning, Advanced Microdermabrasion, and Medical Grade Facials.

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