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Ultherapy as a Non-Invasive Brow Lift and as a Treatment to Help Drooping Eyelids, Hooding of the Eyes, and to Combat Crows Feet/ Fine Lines for Men and Women in Syracuse New York and Central NY

Ultherapy non invasive brow lift in Syracuse NY, CNYYour eyes are such unique and telling attributes – they are the first thing people look at on your face and can often shape the whole look of your face. Unfortunately, as we age, our eyes can outwardly show signs of aging, with cosmetic problems such as crow’s feet, wrinkles and lines under the eyes, droopiness, and crepiness.

Starting in our 30’s, aging around the eyes is very common – the skin around the eyes area is extremely delicate, as “it is especially sensitive to stress from facial movements such as laughing and squinting that contribute to wrinkle development.”*

Ultherapy non invasive brow lift in Syracuse NY, CNY
Thankfully, these common aging concerns under the eyes can be addressed with the help of SkinLaze Laser Skin Spa’s widely popular Ultherapy® Face, Neck, & Brow Lift procedure. With hundreds of Ultherapy treatment areas logged, our experienced and licensed aesthetics staff is overseen by our medical director, Dr. Douglas W. Halliday. This procedure utilizes ultrasound and thermal energy to recondition old-looking skin, stimulate collagen growth, and target the body’s natural healing process at the deep tissue level.

Ultherapy non-invasive brow lift in Syracuse NY at Skin Laze
Collagen is a natural protein that is produced to keep our skin toned and youthful looking. However, as we get older, collagen production is reduced, resulting in wrinkles, crepiness, and an untoned appearance, particularly evident around the eyes.

Skin Laze in Syracuse NY offers non invasive Ultherapy brow liftUltherapy around the eyes can address signs of aging, like crow’s feet and crepiness, under the eyes. It improves laxity, tone, and is safe to use under the eyes. This is achieved by using the 1.5mm Ulthera transducer around the treatment area. The special 1.5mm transducer is only used by select experienced Ultherapy technicians, who have performed a high volume of Ultherapy treatments and have completed additional training directly with the Ulthera clinical team.

Ultherapy browlift and wrinkle reduction at SkinLaze in Syracuse NY
The 1.5mm transducer targets collagen rejuvenation at the superficial areas of skin, otherwise known as the dermis level of skin. During the procedure, patients are able to use a numbing cream in the treatment area for a more comfortable procedure.

Ultherapy browlift and wrinkle reduction around the eyes by Skin Laze in Syracuse and Central NY, CNY
In order to maximize the effects of your treatment and get your eyes looking their best, our experienced aesthetic staff will provide each patient with a customized skincare plan, best suited to their skin and cosmetic goals. Ultherapy around the eyes can be matched with other areas of concern, such as full face, lower face, full neck, brow, under the chin, and around the mouth.

Skin Laze offers a non surgical brow lift using Ultherapy in Syracuse NY and Central New York, CNY
With our carefully crafted ULaze system, we also recommend using SkinMedica’s bestselling TNS Eye Repair for optimal post procedure results. This medical-grade product contains Human Fibroblast Conditioned Media (TNS®), which is a physiologically balanced, naturally secreted, and stabilized combination of multiple natural messenger proteins. TNS Eye Repair addresses fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, also assisting in intense hydration and smoothness in the area.*

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non surgical non invasive brow lift and wrinkle reduction at skinlaze using ultherapy in syracuse ny and central new york, cny
non surgical non invasive brow lift and wrinkle reduction at skinlaze using ultherapy in syracuse ny and central new york, cny

non surgical non invasive brow lift and wrinkle reduction at skinlaze using ultherapy in syracuse ny and central new york, cny