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How to get rid of Ugly and Annoying Razor Burn Razor Bumps in Syracuse, Central NY (CNY) & Albany, NY

Razor Burn/ Razor Bumps

Suffering from irritating razor burn? Are you left with painful and unsightly razor bumps after you shave or wax? These common skin irritations affect thousands of Upstate & Central New Yorkers every day and are caused by ingrown hairs within the hair follicles on your face, neck, and legs.

ExpressLaze℠ Laser Hair Removal Can Help

Since razor bumps and razor burn are a consequence of hair growth and hair removal, these painful and ugly conditions can be safely and effectively controlled with professional ExpressLaze℠ Laser Hair Removal treatments. ExpressLaze℠ Laser Hair Removal was developed by Dr. Doug Halliday and his esthetic plastic surgery team. These fast, effective laser hair removal treatments are offered exclusively at SkinLaze Laser Skin Spa in East Syracuse and Latham, NY. This permanent laser hair removal is the quick and easy answer to getting rid of razor burn and razor bumps once and for all…and treatments are back by a 3 year guarantee and lifetime membership!

lifetime membership

Both men and women love the look of smooth, sexy, hair-free skin. Now, you can enjoy smooth skin without worrying about those painful and irritating razor bumps. Depending on the size of the area treated, ExpressLaze℠ treatments can be done in as little as 15 minutes and clients report that they notice those painful razor bumps start disappearing after just one treatment!

Take control and have “hair free” confidence

Dr. Doug Halliday, PhD, MD and the certified technicians at SkinLaze have invested in a variety of laser wavelengths which allows them to safely and effectively treat your unwanted hair, no matter what skin type you have.

SkinLaze technicians are trained to use lasers which emit a beam of energy that passes through the skin to the hair follicle. The energy is then transformed into heat, which damages the follicle. The scientific principle called Thermo Kinetic Selectivity (TKS) makes this method of hair removal particularly effective. TKS makes it possible for the laser energy to “select” only hair follicles, while sparing surrounding skin and skin structures from damage.

Ready to say “goodbye” to razor burn / razor bumps and “hello” to ExpressLaze℠ laser hair removal?

Stop shaving, waxing, plucking and tweezing today! Call the laser hair removal specialists at SkinLaze in Syracuse, NY at (315) 670.4303 or Albany, NY at (518) 313.7506 to schedule a Free Consultation