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Ulthera Ultherapy Experience

Ulthera Ultherapy® Face, Neck, & Brow Lift – How Important is Experience and Protocol?

When it comes to any skincare or skin rejuvenation procedure in Syracuse and Central New York, it is important to put your face and skin into the hands of experienced medical aestheticians, who are overseen by a medical director.

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Specifically, in regards to the widely popular, FDA-approved Ultherapy® Face, Neck, & Brow Lift procedure, experience and professionalism can dramatically affect results.

SkinLaze… Hundreds of Treatments Performed
At SkinLaze Laser Skin Spa, the trusted leader in Syracuse and Central New York, hundreds of Ultherapy® treatments have been performed by our experienced aesthetic team who are managed by medical director and Syracuse facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Douglas Halliday.

Ultherapy® uses thermal, ultrasound energy to non-invasively target the body’s natural healing process at a deep tissue level. Over time, due to the breakdown of collagen and elastin, your skin becomes weaker and looser, resulting in the appearance of wrinkles and loose skin on the face, neck, cheeks, under the chin, and brow.

At SkinLaze, Dr. Halliday and our aesthetic staff have developed a unique protocol to offset these common signs of aging, by targeting skin rejuvenation at both the deep-tissue and superficial levels of your face and neck.

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During the Ulthera Ultherapy treatment, SkinLaze Ultherapy technicians have the ability to use a variety of transducers, such as the 4.5mm, 3mm, and 1.5mm transducers. Each transducer is designed to precisely target different layers of tissue under the skin. For instance, the 4.5mm transducer targets 4.5mm underneath the skin at the sub-dermal level, addressing the muscles and connective tissue found in that area. Next, the 3mm transducer reaches the collagen at the deeper dermis level, which is 3mm below the skin’s surface. Lastly, the versatile 1.5mm transducer targets more superficial areas at the dermis level, such as around the mouth and eyes. While using the 1.5mm transducer, patients have the option of using a numbing cream to have a more comfortable procedure.

Experience= Optimized Results
SkinLaze optimizes results by using these different transducers, giving every patient a personalized treatment plan for their desired cosmetic outcome. SkinLaze’s medical aestheticians can target and treat specific areas during Ultherapy®, such as:
-Full face
-Full neck
-Under the chin
-Around eyes
-Around the mouth

Interested in receiving an Ultherapy® Face, Neck, & Brow Lift? Let SkinLaze, Central New York’s skincare and skin rejuvenation experts, create a customized plan for you today! Call 315.632.4359 or Click Here to set up your complimentary consultation, or visit us in the Fayetteville Towne Centre, in between Kohl’s and the YMCA.

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