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The Best Creams, Products and Treatments for Wrinkles and Fine Lines on Your Face in Syracuse and Central NY (CNY)

Wrinkles/ Fine Lines

Mirror, mirror on the wall…where did those fine lines and wrinkles come from? Thousands of Central New York residents look in the mirror every day and ask themselves that very question. Fine lines and wrinkles on your face, around your eyes and above your upper lip can often “sneak up” on you as you go about your daily life. Fear not…Dr. Halliday and the SkinLaze team of licensed professionals are here to help!

Dynamic Wrinkles

Dynamic wrinkles are caused by muscle movement (facial expressions) and are usually transient, although they can be present all the time especially as we get into our 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.

Static Wrinkles

Static wrinkles are always visible and are caused by a multitude of factors including sun exposure, smoking, aging, poor or insufficient skincare and environmental damage.

Professional Help in Central NY

During a free consultation, the skincare professionals at the SkinLaze Laser Skin Spa Center in Syracuse New York can offer recommendations on which treatments and products might be appropriate for your skin type.

The Most Popular SkinLaze Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

There are a variety of professional treatments available exclusively at SkinLaze to address fine lines and wrinkles:

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The Best SkinLaze Wrinkle Creams and Skincare Products

In an effort to provide only the best to our clients, SkinLaze offers a variety of top-quality professional anti-wrinkle & skin care products to address every skin type and condition. These products contain highly effective, active ingredients supported by sound clinical studies and are exclusively offered through medical skin care centers. For more information about our specific dermatology grade skin care products see:

Need some advice on which dermatology grade wrinkle cream and skin care products are right for your skin?

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